- Project name: Vinh Cuu water supply system – 15.000m3/day

- Location: Thien Tan Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province

- Area: 2,000 m2

- Property management unit: Dong Nai Water Joint Stock Company

- Website: https://dowaco.vn

Competitive Advantages:

Construction items:

+ Collection system – Raw water pumping station, raw water pipeline, mixing equipment.

+ Treatment plant: treatment cluster (reactor, Lamella settlers, rapid filter, clean water tank, clean water pumping station); other auxiliary items (warehouse for chemical storage, sludge compressor, sludge pressor, technical pipes, internal roads, power generator, power system, 800KVA transformer station) and transmission pipelines for clean water distribution (5,252m D500 cast iron pipe; 492m D225 HDPE pipe; 1,055m D180 HDPE pipe; 55m D500 steel pipe and 35m D150 steel pipe)